Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kindergarten Home Visit

Yes, our school is cool like that.  Kindergarten teachers come do home visits for all the kids in their class!  Isn't that awesome??!  It really helps the kids know their teacher before coming to school, makes them feel welcome by having a picture up at the school from their home visit before they even get there, that kind of thing.

Of course Brenna has been comfortable with the idea of Kindergarten at "Brooke's school" for sometime now.  But its getting real folks.

We love her teacher!  She is so sweet and kind and really 'gets' Brenna.  While I may be a little sad for her to start this new journey (it means she's getting bigger!), I am so excited that she has this awesome teacher for her first year.

Brenna was so sweet to her when she came to visit.  She asked Brenna if she would color a picture for her and Brenna said she would then when she handed Brenna the paper and crayons, Brenna replied, "thank you."  After she was done, (while the parents/teacher were talking), Brenna came up and said, "Mrs.  Record would you like a cookie?"  She said, 'yes' and Brenna brought the whole plate of cookies to her to choose.  Who raised this polite kid?!?!  Haha!

Anyway, it was a great visit and Brenna really likes her teacher, as do we.  Here's to an fabulous first year!

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