Monday, September 2, 2013

Meet the Teacher

(I know by the time you read this we are well into school year, but I'm catching up chronologically be patient!  :P)

Meet the Teacher night got here and all were excited.  Brenna asked why she had to go since she already met her teacher.  Ha!  But we explained she would get to see her classroom and where she sat, etc..  Brooke got a letter from her teacher so she knew who she had and was more excited to see her room and meet her teacher and see which friends were in her class.  This is also the year that Brooke switches classes so she has a different teacher for reading/writing, math, and science.

We went to Brenna's room first and found her class and teacher and found where she sat.  Awaiting for her was a toy car that all the kids got to take home.  She was so excited about the Aggie car.

Then on to Brooke's class.  Again, found her teacher, her room and her seat.  She really liked her teacher and we also went around and met the other teachers she'd be seeing (but only got pics of her with her homeroom teacher)....

Yes, her desk is already a mess!  LOL  We also delivered school supplies the night of meet the teacher. So she was busy organizing too.  But both kids were super excited to get this year started!  (well, Brenna a little more excited perhaps than Brooke...but you know)

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