Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Brenna funnies....

I have quite the collection of Brenna funnies.  She's just a funny kid.  She comes up with stuff on her own and just makes us laugh.  Like a lot.  Here's just a few of those on video we managed to capture...

First up, her Kermit the Frog impression...

Not sure why or when she started doing that.  Then weeks after... we realized, after seeing the movie Frozen three times in the theater (yea, little embarrassed about that...but hey!  it was a GOOD movie) we realized we had also seen the preview for the new muppets movie at least as much.  Take a look at this scene from the preview...paying close attention around the 40 second mark....

Anyway, funny girl..

Here's another video of her being silly yelling at me while I'm talking on the phone in my car after getting home.  "Don't you care about your children???".....

And another of her singing the rap from Despicable Me...

And last but not least...maybe not so funny...but I was hanging out with her in her room one day 'playing my iPad'.  Unbeknownst to her I was really video-ing her singing songs from Frozen.  The first one here I posted is kinda funny maybe.  I asked her to sing this one and she didn't want to, so she sings it in her best baby voice to try to imitate little Anna singing in the movie...

Here's her favorite song from the movie.  Everyone's favorite right?  It was going pretty good till she shut it down because Daddy yelled out "food's ready!"

We have a cute kid.  You gotta admit it.  :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Solo Festival

A few weeks ago, Brooke participated in the annual Solo Festival.  Its where you play two songs memorized for a judge and get a scoring/rating.

I was worried - she had a bad day and all I heard from outside the room was that she started on the wrong chord and had to correct herself.  But apparently she did the rest perfectly!  The next piano lesson her teacher gave her her report/score and told her she had the hardest judge and still got a superior rating! (the highest you can get)

I like to get a video of her songs she plays to remember.  Her songs this year were Mystery at Blackwater Creek and then MaryAnn.  This video I did way after the fact, so I let her go back and use music since it had been a while....

She will then have to play this plus several other songs and all scales memorized for a judge for Guild this Spring.  So this is good cuz she has two down she knows...  only 7 more to go!

While on a piano post, I also took this video.  Its amazing how quickly she can learn a song, if its one she likes.  If she doesn't like it, it sometimes takes her weeks.  This one she likes.  And even though it is more difficult a piece, she learned it after only 2 days of practice - there are a couple of blubbers (as Mrs Chris calls it), but remember this is only day 2 after getting the song!  It's called Boogie Pop I think...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bluebonnet Award

Once in 3rd grade, Brooke's school has a program in place, that if a student reads all 20 Bluebonnet Books for that year, they receive an award.  Brooke was the first 3rd grader to do so this year and only the 3rd one in the whole school!  She was once again, recognized by the principal on morning announcements for such a great achievement.

At the end of the year, at awards time, she will also receive some sort of gift card to mark this accomplishment.

Where's the Lorax when you need him?

Ok, I'm not a tree hugger by any means....  but when I woke up one morning to the sound of chainsaws, I didn't know it would be the start of a bitter battle with city governments, big corporations and more.

Come to find out that morning, that were cutting down a tree directly behind our fence.  Like, literally, the roots touch our fence.  Now picture this first...this is one of only 2 trees behind us that is big and huge and beautiful and green and bushy.  It blocks our view of the business behind us - an urgent care clinic - and their view of us.  Because they sit up taller than our ground level, our fence offers no view protection from them.  The trees are it.  With our pool now, I didn't want this big ugly view of the building.  Plus I don't want the patients sitting in waiting rooms to look out the window and see my girls swimming in the summer.  The trees were great blockage from all that!  And they were cutting one of them down.  The biggest one.

So I run out, give the guys some hot chocolate to convince them to hold off for just a few minutes while I make some phone calls.  These guys were 100% supportive as they hated to cut down such a great tree and could totally see my point.  Granted its not MY tree, but......ugh!  Worker guy found out they were cutting it down to make room for an electrical pole.  Another one.  We already have 2 back there.  Plus in my mind, why can't they put said electrical pole a few feet over.  Why kill the tree?

So I called.  I called first the its technically their easement.  But nope - they had released privilege to the urgent care facility.  I called the head over the workers cutting down the tree.  And guess what?  It was my friend from the Green Team!  Remember the awesome company that repaired my window so quickly?  He, too, was also stunned they were doing this and had even remembered coming out and looking and questioning their decision.  But the guy in charge told him to take it down.  So they were just hired to do the job.  He gave me that guys' name.  And in the meantime, gave his workers a reprieve from that job that day.  If the job continued, he would send them back another day.  Gave me some time.

My mother in law actually called and talked to him.  She has a little more pull around here sometimes and a lot more assertive than me when it comes to that kind of stuff, so I had already enlisted her help.  While she was waiting for a call back, she talked to the director of the entire hospital, the priest that runs the show and everyone in between.  They were all in support.  Director told her if there was any way to save it, he would...but he just wasn't sure.  Finally the guy in charge of this specific endeavor called her back.  He was a jerk and said, nope it had to go, no other place for it, bottom line, we don't care.


The next day the Green Team was called back out to remove the tree, despite all our efforts.  The tree is now gone.  There's a HUGE gaping hole it seems between our yard and this ugly building that I now despise b/c of that one guy's rudeness.

That picture was while they were in the process of cutting it down - you can see the bare bones tree before it goes completely.  :(

And for the record, my mother in law did talk to the director of the hospital again to relay what a jerk that guy was - he will be taking care of it he said.  Maybe he can't stop the job, but he could stop the attitude.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Graffiti Run

I don't know how, but I ended up doing another 5K - the Graffiti Run - with a bunch of teachers from school.  I probably should not have done this one as I had not prepared AT ALL.  Literally signed up the night before.  My running/walking regimen has dwindled since hurting my ankle in the Fall.  It still bothers me and while I really want to get back into it, it still really bothers me.  However, I love this group of people and thought it might be fun to hang out with them.  It was fun, we got messy and alls well that ends well. But next time, I need to be more ready!

The before -

The after -

Crazy Brooke

We were celebrating something - a good grade on a test I believe.  I took her to get a milkshake after dinner.  This post is for all the people who never get to see her be all crazy - I tell you, she can be so crazy.  Especially with too much sugar intake...... I was just going to get us to take a selfie.  And it turned into this.....

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My horrible, rotten, no good, very bad day...

Day started out normal.  It was actually my moms birthday.  But the girls had school, so I got them ready, headed out the door and headed out of the driveway.  We literally got a block away off of our street when I hear a loud WHAM!  I instantly slow down not knowing what just happened.  Because of our last incident with my sunroof smashing spontaneously, I first check the sunroof.  No..  it was fine. Then from the backside, I hear a shy quiet, scared little Brooke..."Um, Mommmmy?......."  I look back and saw this...

This was the window next to the seat she was in.  She happened to be riding in the very back - the third row - and this is the window next to her.  Shattered.  With a hole in the middle.  I instantly pull over.  My brain processes.  The mowers.  There were guys out mowing right on the corner of the street I pulled out on.  They must have hit a rock just rock and it flew through my window just as a drove by.  As I sat there just a block away, we could hear the cracking of the glass.  I got Brooke out of that seat first...told her to be careful coming to the front.  And first called Brad.  I was scared to drive the car.  If it was shattering as we sat there...surely if I drove and hit the tiniest of bumps it would cave in.  I was sooooo upset.  This was my brand new car, only a few months old!  Just then the mowers drove by leaving.  No sign on their truck nothing.  Crap.  Hindsight I should've gone back and told them.  But I was panicked and not sure to move my car. 

So, I was first concerned to getting the girls to school on time.  Brad came where I was, I took his truck and took the girls to school in that.  He told sure not to speed cuz I haven't gotten my truck registered yet.  I got the girls in.  Brenna couldn't get buckled all the way cuz of the stupid carseat in his truck, so I told her its ok, we're not going far (I never do that).  Driving the road just a little ways away from where Brad was waiting with my car....I meet dead on a motorcycle cop.  I wasn't speeding, not even close... but he looks straight at the dash, points, and pulls me over.  Crap!  

Brooke starts screaming at Brenna - buckle! buckle!  you have to get buckled!  Brenna's screaming and crying, I can't!  I can't!  I tell them both to shut up, it doesn't matter.  By the time the cop gets to my door, I'm crying.  He asks me if everything's ok.  I tell him, no.  It's not.  I know why you're pulling me over - the stupid registration is out.  But I never drive this truck.  I'm only driving it to get my kids to school on time b/c my husband had to sit with my brand new car pulled over on the side of the road b/c some mower guys just shot a rock through the window where my daughter was sitting.  

Needless to say, after I unloaded...he only gave me a verbal warning.  I know he felt sorry for me.  And I was now ticked at Brad for not getting his stupid registration done...trying to gain one more month out of it.  Ugh.  

Anyway, so I get them to school, Brad drives my car home carefully.  He tapes the window up to hopefully keep it from caving.  

Meanwhile, we are trying to figure out the name of the mowing company that was there.  It was an empty building - so we call the leasing agent.  We try to call our insurance - they weren't open yet.  Just then the guy that was delivering us firewood shows up and we start talking, I tell him what happened.  He happened to know the mowing company that was out there.  Ahhh!  Godsend for sure. So we call them - The Green Team - they were extremely apologetic, helpful, and totally took care of everything.  They have insurance policy just for this kind of thing, got all my info, made the appointment for my car to get fixed that same day and everything.  Awesome job Green Team.  By that evening my window had been replaced and Brad had gotten his truck registered.  ;)

100 days!

The 100th day of school has become quite a big deal these days.  I could start with the whole 'when we were kids....' thing, but whatever.  Its a big deal nowadays.

However, only apparently to the little kids.  Once you get in 3rd grade, they do nothing for it.  Go figure.

So for the 100th day of school, Brenna had to make a cape with 100 of something on it.  Since it was getting close to Valentine's Day at the time, we went with a heart theme.  Ha!  Daddy fixed up a piece of felt to work as a cape (he's the seamstress of the family), she chose 100 hearts to glue on.

Also, as a side...sometime that week, I happened to be up at the school helping out in her room when she was one of the Kindergartners chosen to help lead the Pledge of Allegiance.  I snapped this quick pic of the screen as we watched the streaming video.  Though its blurry, if you can tell, she is 2nd from the left holding the flag.  :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Softball, softball, and more softball....

So, you know.... Brooke has been playing on tournament team all year.  She wasn't on the big time team, just the younger, quieter, more friendly team.  They just basically practiced.  A LOT.  Especially over the summer.  They went to a couple of low key tournaments and scrimmages, but basically it was just a lot of practicing and having fun.

Meanwhile, Brooke got a lot better.  Not just saying that because I'm biased as a parent.  She really did.  After the first of the year, the powers that be decided the program needed to be revamped.  So they had all the girls (younger, older, more advanced, just starting out, everything) come and practice a couple of weeks and decided where they NEEDED to be.  Which team.  Still within their same age division.  Brooke was told she really needed to be playing on the more advanced (older) team.  Girls her age that were playing better.  I hesitated some...  mainly bc she's worked so hard to have her time to shine this year.  As next year she has to move up to the next age bracket.  I really wanted her playing on a team she could be a star for.  But was convinced she needed to play with the more advanced girls to get even better and be ready to move up.  She could still play with the younger girls whenever she wanted to.  Brenna would be playing with the younger girls so we'd be there anyway.  (yes, Brenna is now also on the tournament team - younger version).

So she went to a few practices, they stuck her in outfield.  She was quickly moved around as she was really showing those coaches that she could PLAY!  The first scrimmage came.  Because of a few late arrivals to her team, she got to start as pitcher.  And boy did she show them she could play pitcher.  They won 2 of 3 games that day.  Brooke was stunning - enough to where strangers were asking, 'who's that girl playing pitcher???'  She got all three outs in one inning - two pop SUPER high one, and a grounder she threw to first.  Later more outs getting a lead runner at third and more amazing plays.  After that game, not only did she earn her spot on that team....she earned her spot as the starting pitcher.

Here's a video of one of her hits that evening -

So, she's been super happy.  Just in the last few weeks of playing with this girls, she's stepped her game even more!  She's starting pitcher and her second back-up position will probably be first base.  She might get moved around some otherwise, but she is the pitcher.  Way to go girlie!  She's a rockstar!

Needless to say...  with her playing on this team...Brenna and her playing on the younger team...and now with Rec (league) season starting and both of them playing on those prospective teams......we are  in to our heads in softball.  She loves it.  She can't get enough and would be out there every day.  We almost are actually.

They went to another scrimmage out of town recently, where she played well as well.  Her coach is wanting her to get used to wearing a face mask, as he feels the pitcher def needs one when we are playing tournaments.  Balls hit harder and all.  So, yea...  she's the one wearing the face mask of his.  She also got to play first some as practice.  That scrimmage they won all 3 games.

Her catching a HIGH pop fly again.....I didn't get a chance to zoom before I almost missed the catch.  But that's her catching the ball at the pitcher mound....

After this scrimmage, they all went to a huge pizza place to play games and have fun as a team

Brenna even got in on the fun...

Here's one of her softball BFF's getting a softball charmed BFF necklace together - so cute!

They just ordered new uniforms, will be having another scrimmage soon against a local team and have their first tournament in just a couple weeks.  And also, league practices have started.  As I said...lots of softball going on here.