Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Fun Night

I just made up the title of our night out today. But it sounds good - we took the kids out as a family for bowling and putt-putt golf. We met another family there and really only had the time for putt-putt. And really cool - it is glow-in-the-dark putt putt. You can't tell by the pictures of course b/c of the flash on the camera, but it was pitch black inside and all the paths and decorations were glow-in-the-dark. I wasn't quite sure how Brooke would react. She would either think it was REALLY cool or REALLY scary. Good fortune for us and due to a little peer pressure, she thought it was REALLY cool. They were laughing hysterically for the first 5 min after we walked in at everyone's shirts glowing in the dark, specifically Brenna's. For some strange reason I guess a glow-in-the-dark baby is particularly funny to a preschooler. LOL

Here's Brad trying to perfect her swing. Tiger Woods here we come!And after every shot when she finally got the ball in the hole, she would be so proud, yelling out "I did it!" and jumping up and down, as seen in the picture below...Posing by the glow-in-the-dark cow....(only in Texas)....Can you just see the excitement in their faces? They had a blast!And Brenna says, "this is how I roll"....haha! She spent a portion of the time in the stroller but found her way pretty quick to the new carrier I scored on clearance at a local boutique store. Brad will even wear this one! (cuz its not so girly)...And after we finished the round of putt-putt, the kids had some major fun 'playing' the video games. Of course, you don't ever really have to put in money b/c just the demo screens and music are enjoyable enough to a 3yr old. :)
It was a fun night and both of the girls are conked OUT! We definitely want to go back and take a swing at bowling. Just for fun of course. This place also has laser tag, but Brooke's not quite old enough for that yet. But maybe for the adults????

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