Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer cuts!

You may have noticed in some of the posts a much shorter 'do for the girls.  Well, you noticed right.  At the start of summer, the girls started begging to get haircuts.  Brooke wanted hers "really short", Brenna just followed along w whatever Brooke said.  We had to wait till Brooke (not OUR Brooke, but our hair stylist that we have come to like who is also named Brooke) was back at work.  Every day, the girls asked...can we go today and get our hair cut?  Ugh.  Anyway, finally June 13 got here (the day she got back) and we went to get all of our hair cut.

Brooke went first, she was VERY specific to the stylist of what she wanted.  Showed her what length, that she still wanted the long layers, etc..  Brenna played the iPod.  Then when Brooke was done, Brenna looked up and said....  "Whooooooaaaa!  That is SOOO.  CUTE.  BROOKE!!!  I want my hair like that!"

It is pretty cute isn't it?

So, Brenna was next.  And best part?  All that swimming from swim lessons and swim parties?  Caused her hair to be GREEN.  I wish I had a better picture to show, but I was not in the mood to take regular pictures of her seriously green hair.  It was awful.  In fact, at the pool, most kids were laughing at her and in the shower, her hair looked turquoise.  It was that bad.  So cutting off that much hair got rid of all that yucky green.  We went home and her hair dried and we noticed it was uneven.  Ack!  But not bc of the stylist cutting it crooked, but because her hair (unbeknownest to us when it was long it wasn't noticeable) had a wave in it so when it dried it waved up and was uneven.  We went back the next day and the stylist trimmed it (dry, this time) and straightened it up.  So it ended a little shorter, but she super cute now!  This pic was after the first haircut, but I'm sure you noticed in the 4th pics and others, she is so stinkin adorable now.  In fact, all her cousins want hair like Brooke and Brenna and are wanting to go get their hair cut now.  We joke around that she looks like the China Doll from Oz: The Great and Powerful movie.  :P


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