Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Fair

Brooke's school's biggest yearly fundraiser event was this past weekend.  Well, part of it.  You see this year the school 'turns 40' and they are having a big bday bash in a few weeks.  Between the two events they have a goal to raise $40,000.  Hmmm...  Spring Fair has raised $20-$25,000 in the past sooooo attainable???  Maybe.

Anyway, its a fun event with lots of activities - horse rides, train rides, inflatables, lunch, snacks, confetti egg, face painting, hair coloring, tons of games, a dunking booth, tricycle races from Aerofit, visits from fire trucks and police officers, and a silent auction.  Adding in this year a live auction for a few highly coveted collectible items.  The girls had a blast.  I spent most of my time taking yearbook photos.  It says a lot that we raised A LOT b/c it was kind of a rainy and dreary day....  but regardless, it was fun!  The only thing 'cancelled' were the horses b/c of the weather...  blah.  Oh well.  Here's some pics!

We had to break away from Spring Fair for a tiny bit to go to Art Fest at the high school, where Brooke's art work was being displayed.  (I think we might've been the only ones with confetti in our hair - oops!)....

We headed back to Spring Fair in time to watch the live auction and the silent auction close. Then we zipped off quickly because Brenna had a bday party to go to!

It was definitely an action packed day.  I even had to leave the party early to head to a photoshoot, so I was gone literally ALL day.  Sigh!  I need a work week to relax from my weekends around here! ;)

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