Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to me...

Last Friday (the 25th) was my birthday.  Still 29.  ;)

It was actually a pretty good day.  For one, it was my first day off in a loooooooong time.  I don't even know how I managed a day off, much less on my birthday!  But hey, I'll take it.  So, I started off w taking the girls to school, running errands, then I went and had lunch with Brooke at her school.  Something I haven't had the opportunity to do since school started!!!  Gasp!  I know...  and I lucked out and got to go on hamburger day!  Haha..

I picked up Brenna from school and she wrote me this note for my bday (all on her own and completely unprompted!)


(says "Mommy, Love you")


(says "Dear Mommy, Happy Birthday Mommy.  Love you.  I'm so sorry that you had a headache.  Love You Mommy.  From Brenna") - --  (I've been suffering some migraines recently, that was her mention to a headache...she's sooo sweet!!!)

Anyway, afterwards, Brad's mom picked up Brenna from me and Brooke from school, Brad got off early and we drove to get Brad a new truck! Yep. You read that right..  Brad got a new truck for my birthday!  I almost did the whole thing without him knowing and completely surprising him.  But, alas, the night before, he found out about it.  And barely approved.  ;P  And I should say..its not new "new", but new to him.  Its gently used.  I found a great deal on it, did all the legwork, shopping, bargaining and research...and lo and behold the best offer/deal was in a town an hour or so away.  So I almost went as far to drive up and get it myself (w the help of his mom driving me up there so I could drive the truck back), but in the end he found out and he went with me.

So we drove up (on my birthday...ha!) and looked at it, did some wheeling and dealing, and bought the truck for a great price.  Its in GREAT condition, an older model, but still real pretty and clean, is very nice, has lots of 'extras' (bedliner, bedrails, steprails, all the good stuff!) and was well taken care of.  We scored!  And Brad is super happy with it (most important, of course).

So now, we will get his old car cleaned up, sell it and hopefully make most of our money back on that sell.  Wish us luck! :)

And now, Brad has some serious planning to do for what he's going to get me for HIS birthday.  LOL! (just kidding...but we were joking that I was doing like they do in the Phillipines - in the Phillipines, you get other people presents on your bday :)

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